What would you identify as an important outcome of building relationships with your students while focusing on a culturally inviting environment that is physically safe, while also providing an engaging and positive learning experience?

Improving learning experiences for students in diverse classrooms

Your objective is to draw a connection between distinguishing and the potential influence this notion has on improving learning experiences for students in diverse classrooms now that you have been introduced to the broad framework of becoming a culturally competent teacher.

View the subsequent video:

JCPSEmployee. September 13, 2012. Seven Culturally Sensitive Teaching and Learning Principles

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taken from YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IptefRjN4DY

The Seven Principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching are discussed in the video, along with the ideologies for being a culturally responsive teacher.

Watch the brief yet instructive film, then in your discussion post, address the following questions in regard to the video and your own experiences:

What would you name as an essential result of developing relationships with your students while putting a focus on creating a physically secure and culturally welcoming environment while simultaneously offering an interesting and fulfilling learning experience?

Are the Seven Principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching Theory practical or idealistic in light of your own experiences as a student, any professional experiences, and your present and previous higher education-based learning? Make sure to cite academic sources in APA format to back up your assertions, both inside the body of your post and at the end.



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