What’s Your Approach to Influencing Co-Workers?

Individual Learning Project InstructionsThe Individual Learning Project is an opportunity for you to evaluate yourself and your role within your organization by completing 10 self-assessment activities. You will begin the paper by completing a modified Abstract that details a past, present, or future job you will use as a basis for analyzing the self-assessment results. You will then write a full-page analysis of each assessment and combine all 10 together according to the provided format for submission at the end of the course. Each self-assessment must have at least 1 reference to support your analysis and be cited according to current APA. You will find the Self-Assessment Activities in Connect. These are the activities you must complete. They are found at the end of the indicated chapter.CHAPTERSELF-ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY2Are You Introverted or Extraverted?4How Do You Cope With Stressful Situations?5How Strong Are Your Growth Needs?7What is your Preferred Decision-Making Style?8What Team Roles Do You Prefer?9Are You An Active Listener?10 What’s Your Approach to Influencing Co-Workers?11What’s Your Preferred Conflict Handling Style?12Do Leaders Make a Difference?13What Organizational Structure Do You Prefer?After completing an assessment, analyze it by using the scoring key located in Connect and write an analysis with the following components:Title of the self-assessment (centered at the top of the page)1. Purpose of assessment2. Your actual score3. The interpretation of your score, using the key4. How you can use the results of this self-assessment to improve your effectiveness and/or efficiency in an organizationPage and Paper Format:GradingConsult the accompanying rubric for how your instructor will grade this assignment. Also, any form of plagiarism, including cutting and pasting, will result in zero points for the entire assignment. All quoted materials must be properly cited in current APA format.Write each analysis on 1 page, compiling 10 pages

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