Where do you think most value is added in each of these value chains ?

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Read the case study carefully, guided by the frameworks we learned in class (external/internal scanning, trends in the environment, SWOT, industry analysis, generic strategies, value chain, core and distinctive competencies, market segmentation, business model, etc.)
If you feel you need additional information not contained in the case, feel free to consult other resources on the internet
Be prepared to answer the following questions, which should allow you to answer successfully the questions on the exam:
• A very important part of the business model for the competitive success in the ice cream business is distribution. Describe the characteristics of the ice cream distribution channels in the KSA and how they are changing. Do these changes play to SADAFCOs advantage or that of the MNCs? Why ?
• Perform a value chain analysis for the following two product lines:
• Ice cream
• Tomato products
Where do you think most value is added in each of these value chains ?
• Discuss the risks that the MNCs (Nestle, Unilever, March) have to take into account in their expansion strategy into the KSA. Are the risks the same for SADAFCO in its growth strategy ? Why or why not ? Discuss.

Employing Porter’s the 5+1 forces framework, analyze the ice-cream industry in the KSA, and the challenges that the entry of the MNCs present to SADAFCO.Discuss the influence on both SADAFCO’s and the MNC’s strategies of three marketing issues discussed in the case (e.g. market liberalization, advertising, changing consumption patterns, shopping habits, price points)Describe the strengths and weaknesses of SADAFCO in its ice-cream business. Do a gap analysis and recommend what additional resources or capabilities SADAFCO might need to add in order to successfully compete against the MNCsUsing PESTEL analysis (part of external scanning – political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal), choose any two of these 6 dimensions and apply them to the trends relevant to SADAFCO over the period covered in the case.An avenue for the growth strategy of SADAFCO is export sales. How would you judge the potential for this strategy ? Which countries would you target and with which products ?Why ?As part of the SWOT matrix, focus on the threats and opportunities of SADAFCO in both KSA and export markets. If you were Khalid Tahir, how would you take advantage of opportunities and deal with the threats in order to continue growing?

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