Where do your health risks come from?

Where do your health risks come from?

After doing the two assessments assigned (p. 122-127 and p. 128) please do the following (15 pts. possible):

1. For this part, type out your scores for each section of Assessment 1-1 only and answer the 3 questions at the bottom of p. 127. (5 pts)

2. Based on your answers on p. 128, what is your biggest health issue that is a choice you are making these days? Explain how it is impacting your health. (This can be a healthy choice OR an unhealthy one). (5 pts)

3. What are some of your health risks from your family history (gene pool)? OR if you don’t have any, what are some health benefits that you have received from your family history? How do they influence your decisions about your health? (5 pts).

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