Which is not typically associated with the effective design of training?

Multiple Choice, help pick the best answer.1) An HRIS system is not particularly useful in:a) Allowing access to employees work and training history.b) Maintaining compensation records and assessment evaluationsc) Succession Planningd) Automated updating of employee interpersonal relationships 1) __________ is a form of instruction that provides practice and over- learning to aid in its attainment.a) Compilation b) Management- Skills Trainingc) Automaticity d) Knowledge capture 1) An outsourcing strategy employs outside training vendors for all, or almost all training activities. This strategy is most effective for:a) Better integration programs for developing leaders and management talent.b) Small businesses adapting it primarily for budgetary reasons. c) More control over training content.d) Large businesses adapting it because their short term training needs do not vary much.1) Which is not typically associated with the effective design of training?a) Component Display Theoryb) The Elaboration Theoryc) Budgeting Theory d) Social Learning Theorye) Gagné-Briggs Theory1) ___ would not be a component of ET. a) CBTb) OJT c) PId) ITS’1) The difference between a cost/benefit evaluation and a cost-effectiveness evaluation is that a cost /benefit evaluation:a) Compares the monetary cost of training with the financial benefits from training.b) Is a calculation of the actual cost savings, based on the change in results.c) Compares the monetary cost of training with the nonmonetary benefits. d) Is an examination of value of overall improvement in the performance of the trained staff.

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