which is to be the object of the evaluation you will be planning in this Unit.

Evaluation Paper instructions: The writer who takes this work will have to know (Owen 2006) and do an action research on this assessment. There are 2 parts to this paper, Assessment 1 = Part A and Part B, which will need to be submitted on the 20th September.. I have to resubmit this paper¦. and I want at least a Distinction¦. Assessment (1) Evaluation: Improvement and Accountability Part A: Description of a Program The task for this part of the assignment is to write a comprehensive description of the program, project or activity (the unit of ˜evaluative analysis’ or ˜evaluand’ (Owen, 2006) which is to be the object of the evaluation you will be planning in this Unit. The description will include: ¢ The rationale for the program; ¢ Its purposes and intentions; ¢ The state of the program “ planning, implementation or completed; ¢ Characteristic activities; ¢ Resources and materials; ¢ Methods of assessment (if relevant); and ¢ Dilemmas and issues that have emerged during its realisation. Part B: Justification of an Approach to Evaluation The task here is to review three (3) approaches to evaluation representing at least two (2) forms (Owen, 2006, Chapter 3), and then to advance an argument for adopting one approach for evaluating the ˜evaluand’ described in Part A. Your argument should address such considerations as why this particular approach is best suited to the ˜evaluand’ and its consistency with conceptions of learning organisations as empowering workplaces for all participating personnel.

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