Which of the following federal agencies is the most important source of secondary data for marketing research studies?

Secondary data is more expensive to collect
and analyze than primary data.Secondary data requires that market
researchers spend more time to locate and analyze.Published information can quickly become
obsolete.Published data often involves
non-standardized analytic patterns.15. Which of the following federal agencies
is the most important source of secondary data for marketing research studies?Federal ReserveTreasury DepartmentCensus BureauBureau of Labor Statistics16. The division of the total market into
smaller, _____ groups is called market segmentation.equivocalrandomly selectedrelatively homogeneousconveniently stratified17. Which of the following is a basic
requirement for effective market segmentation?The firm must avoid focusing on
non-variables, such as profitability and volume.The market segment must have measurable purchasing
power and size.The company must expand beyond its marketing
capabilities to capture growing markets.The market segment must reflect the
population’s changing attitudes and lifestyles.18. Japanese automaker, Subaru, generates
approximately one-half of its sales in just four states (Alaska, Colorado,
Maine, and Washington). These states constitute Subaru’s:primary market.core region.secondary market.sales region.19. The most common method of market
segmentation is:product sampling.demographic segmentation.economic segmentation.psychographic segmentation.20. In terms of numbers, which age group is
the largest?Baby BoomersGeneration X9/11 GenerationWorld War II Generation21. The government segment of the B2B market
commonly buys products:for resale to the public.to provide public benefits.to export them to other countries.to improve its gross domestic product.22. A strategy for going global through
contractual agreements in which the production of goods or services is assigned
to local companies is termed as _____.franchisinglicensingoffset strategysubcontracting23. One of the very first marketing research
studies involved of an examination of people’s:phone bills.literacy levels.newspaper reading habits.garbage.24. A positioning map:is used primarily by companies utilizing
undifferentiated marketing strategies.will remain constant through the entire
product life cycle.Shows
how consumers view a product relative to competitive productsoutlines how to introduce a new product to
the marketplace.25. One of the characteristics of
relationship marketing is:the short-term goal of creating an immediate
sale.consolidating purchases based on promotions
and other inducements.an orientation toward added value through
superior customer service.longer distribution channels between
suppliers and buyers.

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