Which of the following is an example of a recommendation?

Which of the following is an example of a recommendation?

Institute a wellness program to encourage
employees to improve their health by adopting healthy habits.

Employees who take part in wellness programs have
fewer absences.

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A wellness program can be an effective recruiting

Having a wellness program can lead to reduced
employee absenteeism.

Question 2
During his research, Brett notices that employees who dress
professionally in the workplace have higher productivity figures. Brett has
identified a possible


standard deviation.



Question 3
Which of the following is an example of a feasibility report?

A report to determine which of three vendors to
use for office supplies

A report to determine whether a company should
provide tuition reimbursement for its employees

A report about a firm’s profitability to be sent
to the company’s shareholders

A report on a meeting held with the automotive
company’s Asian engineers

Question 4
The primary reason that management often requires trip, convention, and
conference reports is to

get a thorough chronological list of everything
that occurred during a trip, convention, or conference.

determine whether the employee can be trusted to
travel alone.

find out whether the organization’s money was
well spent in funding the travel.

gather material for press releases.

Question 5
Brandon is writing a report to his supervisor about using social network
sites to improve communication with customers. His supervisor knows nothing
about using social networks for marketing. What organizational style should
Brandon use for his report?

Direct pattern


Indirect pattern

Any of these choices

Question 6
Determine the mode of the numbers 30, 25, 25, 45, and 70.





Question 7
Much of the information that allows decision makers to run their
organizations effectively comes to them in the form of

Web searches.


Wikipedia entries.

employees’ comments during meetings.

Question 9
The range for daily sales for the week, $89,000, $75,000, $98,000,
$66,000, and $99,000 is





Question 10
Sabrina is preparing headings for a report she is writing. What is the
best advice you can give her as she creates her headings?

Include end punctuation in all headings for

Underline all headings.

Include at least one heading per report page.

Sabrina should do all of these.

Question 11
You are responsible for recording the minutes of an important committee
meeting. The best way to organize these minutes is by





Question 12
Numerical data from questionnaires or interviews are usually summarized
using systematic columns and rows in a

pie chart.


bar chart.


Question 13
The direct pattern of organization is appropriate for reports whose

is eager to learn the results quickly.

needs to be educated about the report subject.

requires persuasion to agree with the report’s conclusions
and recommendations.

has no prior knowledge about the subject of the

Question 14
Conclusions will usually be more objective if

consistent criteria are used in evaluating

the data are manipulated to support a
predetermined outcome.

the researcher relies on personal experience
related to the report problem.

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