Which of the following is NOT a type of long-term debt?

Chapter 7 Homework

Please select the best choice from the answer choices given.

1. Which of the following is NOT a type of long-term debt?
mortgage bonds
debenture bonds
commercial paper

2. What is the current price of a bond issued by Dundee International which pays a semiannual coupon rate of 6 8/9%? The bond matures in 5 years and the required return on investments of similar risk is 6.5%.
3. Maxine Corp has a 5 1/8% coupon bond outstanding in 2004. The bond matures on April 1 in the maturity year. Suppose an investor bought this bond on April 1, 1999 and assume that interest is paid annually on April 1. Calculate the yield-to-maturity assuming the investor buys the bond at 105, as quoted in the financial press.

4. A “junk bond” is a term used to describe a bond that
is in default
is rated Ba or lower
is currently paying interest
has been downgraded by Moody’s
5. ____________are not secured by specific assets.
6. Determine the expected inflation rate if the nominal rate of return is 10% and the real rate of return is 7%.

7. You just purchased a bond for 99.35. It matures in 12 years and pays a coupon of 8 3/7% semiannually. What return can you expect to earn if you hold it until maturity?
8. The ____ the investor’s required rate of return on a bond, the ____ will be the value of the bond to the investor.
9. A sinking fund allows the issuer to

a. redeem an entire debt issue prior to maturity
b. purchase a portion of the debt each year in the open market or call a portion of the debt for mandatory redemption
c. call the entire debt issue
d. accumulate interest expenses into a sinking fund account
10. How many years are left until maturity of a bond that is selling for $916.95? The coupon rate of the bond is 8 percent, interest is payable semiannually, and the current market rate of return on a similar risk bond is 10 percent.

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