Which of the following isnota part of McDonagh’s model of sustainable communications?

Question 1.1.(TCO 5) Every marketing communications message will have an appeal, or “hook,” within its message with which it tries to engage the audience and motivate them to respond. What are thethreegeneric types of appeals utilized by marketers?(Points : 4) Legal appeals, financial appeals, and moral appeals Financial appeals, social appeals, and moral appeals Social appeals, moral appeals, and emotional appeals Rational appeals, moral appeals, and emotional appealsQuestion 2.2.(TCO 6) The marketer perspective of cost includes all of the following except for __________.(Points : 4) price purchase costs use cost promotionQuestion 3.3.(TCO 6) Which of the following isnota part of McDonagh’s model of sustainable communications?(Points : 4) Ecological trust Ecological access Ecological disclosure Ecological demandQuestion 4.4.(TCO 5) What are thethreebasic types of appeal that a sustainability marketing message aimed at consumers can apply?(Points : 4) Question 5.5.(TCO 6) Listthreecommon objectives of marketing communication efforts.(Points : 4)

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