Which of the proposals advanced to “fix Social Security have the most merit?

Assignment Instructions
1. Please wait until after you have completed your Mid-term Exam before starting work on your Research Paper.
2. Select a research topic from the list included or consult your instructor about a different topic. Papers researching topics not included on the list in which you have not consulted me will earn a 0%.
3. Conduct research on your topic using at least two sources in addition to using applicable theory from our textbook readings & citing your textbook (including page #s) in your bibliography.
4. Use the Microeconomic models and theories that we have studied to support your thesis.
5. Write a Research Paper with a minimum body length of 2-3 pages using APA style (Double-space your Research Paper).
6. Include a Title Page, an Abstract with Key Words from Microeconomics, a Body, and References and begin with an Introductory Paragraph and end with a Concluding Paragraph.
7. Submit a publish Paper to receive a SafeAssign report about potential problems with plagiarism.
8. Consider using the Writing Lab to provide assistance with editing your paper.
9. You must use your textbook as a cited source (please cite the page numbers).
10. The inclusion of an appropriate, relevant graph will increase your grade.
Research Topics
1. Decide on an area of microeconomics that you are interested in researching such as: health care economics, environmental economics, behavioral economics, public policy, agricultural economics, market structure issues, or issues in income inequality.
2. Develop a narrowly defined research question that focuses on the economics of the issue such as: Obamacare (opportunity cost of repealing, positive externalities, negative externalities, how it changes market structures, compared to a single payer system, what will happen if the Supreme Court rules against subsidies in states without exchanges.
Here are the topics:
1. College tuition is increasing. Provide a cost/benefit analysis describing your own decision to pursue higher education. What is the opportunity cost of continuing your education?
2. Using the tools of economics analyze the effectiveness of a specific gun control proposal. What social costs will this legislation attempt to mitigate? Do you think this goal will be achieved by the specific gun control proposal.
3. Is progressive taxation “fair”? What arguments are made that it is fair or unfair?
4. Which of the proposals advanced to “fix” Social Security have the most merit? Which would cause the most problems?
5. “Is Wal-Mart good for America”? You may have heard or even watched movies about such a topic. What are the pitfalls and disadvantages you see associated with Wal-Mart to your local area, and to you as a consumer.
6. Provide an analysis of the changes in the market for marijuana where it has become legal. What social costs are affected by legalization?
7. What can the individual do about global warming? What are the economic problems of individual action by a business, individual, or nation?
8. Should We Sweat About Sweatshops? After exploring the two sides of the argument (research the pros and cons of sweatshops), draw your own conclusion by taking sides on the issue of Sweatshops.
9. Should Social Security be changed to include Personal Retirement Accounts? What are the costs and benefits to you as a far future retiree?
10. Evaluate on line dating sites such as EHarmony and Match.com at improving the efficiency of meeting a significant other.

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