Which one of the Ps gets you to purchase a great price?

Module 1 Discussion
My Marketing Mix
We defined marketing as, the art and
science of getting people to spend their money on your product rather
than the other guys, and be happy that they did so. Do you think
thats true? Does some Wizard of Oz person-behind-the-curtain get you to
buy something by manipulating you through the 7 Ps? And is manipulate
the right word for us to use? Which one of the Ps gets you to purchase
a great price? Superior product no matter what the cost? Or are you
influenced by a cool promotion? Give an example of a product and why you
bought/buy it. Be specific in referring to the 7 Ps in your post, and
include which of the Ps is less relevant to you as well. Dont forget
that the Ps often are inter-related there may be more than one P that
influences your decision to buy a product.Module 2 Discussion
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Weve all heard the clich that nice
guys finish last. Is this true in marketing? Do firms that use good
ethical practices have an advantage or disadvantage? Do you think
consumers will pay a few cents more for non-polluting soap or
environmentally friendly food products? Even popular movies have raised
this question. In the film, Heaven Can Wait, Warren Beatty plays Joe
Pendleton, a former NFL quarterback who came back to life as a CEO after
a fatal accident. Joe tells his executives that he wants his company to
be the good guy tuna company. Joe believed his customers would pay a
little more to not kill dolphins. This sounds good in the movies, but is
it true in real life? How about for you and your family?

Select a company that you believe has
exceptionally good or bad ethical practices. Tell your classmates if you
believe they are at an advantage or disadvantage and why. Consider the
Saint Leo core values, particularly excellence. Does the firm you
selected reflect any of them in their marketing practices? Use specific
examples to support your opinions. Dont forget to include your personal
experiences with the company and with our core values. Please type the
name of your firm in the title of your post (e.g., TOMS SHOES) so your
classmates can easily see it. Any firm can only be used ONCE first
come, first served!
Module 3 Discussion
I love that brand
If youve had a really bad day (one of
those I wish I had stayed in bed days), is there a product that
always makes you feel better? How about at the holidays; does your
family have favorite foods that you associate with all the good things
the holidays mean to you? The firms that make those products certainly
hope so, because it means they have been successful in creating a brand image
that you associate with positive feelings or values. We dont even have
to eat that favorite food; just the logo or jingle can cause us to make
those associations. Explore the brands you love and how the firms that
sell them to you have created a brand image.

For this discussion, first read Real
Marketing 8.2 in the textbook. Then, select one of your favorite brands
and describe how you see its brand image. What do you think the firm did
to create that image? If you were the brand manager for the product,
what would you do to continue building that brand? Be specific and get
creative. After all, if Harley Davidson can build a brand that makes 55
year old orthodontists feel like wild weekend bikers the roads wide
open.Module 4 Discussion
You actually bought THAT?
You and a group of your co-workers
take a long lunch on Friday and visit the local mall for a quick snack
and some speed shopping. Being polite and valuing your co-workers
friendship, you dont burst out in laughter when you see what is
unmistakably the most hideous blouse in the history of Macys, not to
mention how much she paid for it! Clearly, you have MUCH better taste.
Sorry, its not that simple. Consumer behavior, or why we buy what we
buy, is complex and influenced by our culture, family values,
self-image, and attitudes (just to name a few factors).

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