Which parts of group working did you enjoy and why?

Individual Reflective essay
A personal reflection on how you and your group performed in the preparation for and delivery of the Business Innovation Development Project and the management of the final contribution award meeting. The essay should include how this relates to the theory of groups and teams, what you have learnt from this experience and how you will use this learning in the future.
Tips on reflective writing
All of us “reflectively learn” every day. We have experiences, we think about them and sometimes we change our behaviour as a result of this reflection. However, most of us do not formalise this process by putting it into writing. This assessment is asking you to “reflectively learn” but in a more formal way.
Reflective writing for this assessment involves four elements:
• A very brief description of what happened with links to relevant theory
• A brief summary of how you felt about what happened
• A statement of what you have learnt from this
• Feed forward – an outline of how you will use this learning in the future (being as specific as possible), with links to theory if appropriate.
You may find this personal reflection easier if you consider some of the following types of questions: Those marked in bold with an * are essential to consider:
When you were working as a group: Who did what and how?; Who said what and how?: who reacted in what ways?: How were decisions made?: Who took what roles?: What was your role in the group?
*How did practice reflect the theory of groups and teams?
How did you feel about the actions of the group? Which parts of group working did you enjoy and why? Which parts of group working did you not enjoy and why? How did you react to conflicts which occurred?
*How would you rate your contribution to the group and why?

What new insights have you gained about yourself? What have you learnt about how others work in groups? What have you learnt about how groups and teams operate?
*What are the one or two most important things you have learnt from this experience?
What would you do the same in a similar situation? What will you do differently next time you are in a similar situation? What opportunities exist for you to use this learning?
*How will this experience influence your future activities?
General tips
Many people find it helps to keep a diary of events or journal whilst you are working in your group.
As with your presentation you will need to be selective in the material you choose for your essay. A highly descriptive piece of work, or a summary of theory straight from textbooks, will not be sufficient to pass this assessment; you must demonstrate application of the theory.
HERE is just telling you how our group was going on it explain exactly who we are, our team roles & responsibilities how each member was contributing and some of the problems that were going on around our group. You don’t have to add everything I mentioned below this is just for you to have an idea please add examples and theories as much as possible just keep it to 1500 words and please don’t explain a lot about the idea you don’t even have to mention it that’s just for you to know how the group was going. Some of the theories that I want to be on there is perception, leadership and management, teamwork, perception, conflict, power, and some more that you can add. Reference the work with different types of sources. A minimum of 8 references.
“”We are a group of five members we are working on business innovation development project, we I’m Muneera Al-Thani I’m from Qatar I’m The operation manager, planner as well as researcher, Our group leader is Hasret Salman she is from Turkey she’s a leader and a researcher, Abitha Santhakumar is originally from Sri Lanka she is the Finance Manager and Researcher, Aimee Gedge is from the united kingdom the Marketing Manager and a Researcher and Derrick Adofo is originally from south Africa he is the Critical Risk Manager.

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