Which practices are adopting digital radiography slowly?

Background: Digital radiography gradually gained awareness and acceptance in the medical community since its introduction several decades ago. The technology first began its use in human radiology departments and has gained traction in its acceptance and use in animal care over the past decade and a half. The cost to transition from traditional film-based to digital imaging has been a major barrier for veterinary practices.

1. Since its introduction, the expense and maintenance costs of digital machines have decreased.
Provide some examples of how costs have decreased.

The storage of hard-film consumes facility space that could be utilized for other purposes such as seeing more patients to generate additional income. Furthermore, the storing of film-based materials can be misfiled, fade over time, prone to distortion if exposed to chemicals, and subject to damage from storage environments.

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2. Can film-based material be restored if damaged? What is the restoration process of film-based material?

According to the U.S. National Archives, x-rays are not thought of as permanent records; however, they are frequently scheduled for long retention periods (2016). As part of our practice policy in veterinary care, x-ray films are retained for a period of five to seven years.

Retrieved from https://www.archives.gov/recordsmgmt/publications/managing-xray-films.html

3. Does the US National Archives explain why x-rays are not thought of as permanent records? What is that reasoning?

While many veterinary offices have adopted new procedures due to advances in technology, some practices seem to be adopting digital radiography relatively slowly.

4. Which practices are adopting digital radiography slowly? Dogs and cats? Other animals? Larger animal practices? Explain some examples.

Cite all relevant sources in APA format

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