Which school of jurisprudence does Judge Rampone most clearly adhere to?

Question # 1 Justice Solo finds for the state because she believes that it is the state legislatures right and duty to establish state law and policy. She does not believe that anything should supersede the acts of the state government. Which school of jurisprudence does Judge Solo most clearly adhere to?Question# 2 judge Wambach finds for the state. She respects the laws as written but looks to the purposes of the law and how the law is actually applied. She believes that the law is questionably constitutional based on its propensity to encourage and facilitate profiling which deprives the plaintiffs of basic constitutional protections. Never-the-less, she feels it necessary to look to the aims of the state in enacting the law and finds that the state’s desire to reduce crime and promote job availability for Arizona is a legitimate state goal. Which school of jurisprudence does Judge Wambach most clearly adhere to?Question # 3 Judge Rapinoe has found for the state. She recognizes that the law is questionable with regard to its legality but believes that in contemporary Arizona, laws that infringe on gray areas between legality and illegality should be supported if they effectively address true societal problems that have recently arisen and need to be addressed. Which school of jurisprudence does Judge Rapinoe most clearly adhere to?Question # 4 Justice Rampone has found for the plaintiffs. Her reasoning is based on the American principles that long ago established a person’s right to be treated equally and not be subject to illegal or unreasonable searches and seizures or deprivation of liberty. Judge Rampone believes that this law singles out Hispanics and other minorities which goes against long established concepts of equality. Which school of jurisprudence does Judge Rampone most clearly adhere to?Question # 5 Judge Kreiger finds for the plaintiffs. While she understands the state’s goals in establishing the law in question and recognizes the long established rights to liberty espoused in the Constitution, she bases her decision on the belief that it is immoral to treat people differently simply because they look or act differently than the majority in power and that the law should reflect common and generally understood moral principles. Which school of jurisprudence does Judge Rampone most clearly adhere to?

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