Which threat best describes this database breach?

A savvy hacker uses a poorly secured
vendor’s website to obtain all the information needed to access the main
database of a large chain store, including the store’s database password. Which
threat best describes this database breach?
Weak authentication
Unprotected personal hardware collection
Accidental breach resulting from incorrect
(but not malicious) usage
Theft of database backup tapes or hard drives
Question 9
Points: 10 out of 10
You are annoyed by receiving identical
marketing messages from an online shopping site you have used. If the company
wishes to maintain a good relationship with you, which of the following CRM
components needs to be addressed to improve customer satisfaction?
Mining social media inputs
Customers expect more
Cleaning up the data
Question 10
Points: 10 out of 10
If Company B reaches out with ads sent to
customers of Company A, the CRM tool used here is .
Question 11
Points: 0 out of 10
Which of the following would be an example
of a loss of record confidentialityin a database?
Your credit card company issued you a new
card when your old one was about to expire.
Although you clicked the option to “Do
not share information with any other companies or sites” on an online
bookstore’s website, you are getting unsolicited e-mail messages from some of
the companies that post ads on that site.
You make all your personal information on the
Facebook site “public” and available to everyone.
Your favorite online shopping site suddenly
begins displaying a different mailing address than the one you use. You know
you have not made any changes to your account profile.
Question 12
Part 1: 10 out of 10
Part 2: 10 out of 10
Part 3: 10 out of 10
Part 4: 10 out of 10
Points: 40 out of 40
Are the following examples of increasing
brand awareness through groups or fans? Select Yes or No for each option.
Your instant messaging service attaches a
message to the bottom of each message inviting the recipient to sign up for
this same service provider.

You “Friend” or “Like”
a page on your favorite social media page that advertises a product you

Your friends on a social media site receive
messages from you that encourages them to start watching a television series
that premiered this past week.

When you sign on to your favorite social
media website, a number of sponsored ads appear on your home page.

Question 13
Points: 10 out of 10
True or false? Not all of the top database
breaches in 2013 involved U.S. companies.
Question 14
Points: 10 out of 10
True or false? Because you have made it a
practice to never access the internet while your personal database is open, you
can rest assured that your database would likely not be vulnerable to any
Question 15
Points: 10 out of 10
What is one advantage of using a relational
database over a spreadsheet or flat file to store data?
It enables reduced memory and storage
It allows for reduced complexity in the
design and implementation.
It reduces data redundancy.
It reduces risk of unauthorized access to the
Question 16
Points: 10 out of 10
True or false? It is just too challenging
to have different passwords for every device you use and every online site that
requires an ID and password. It would be OK to use a very strong base word or
phrase and change the same 2 or 3 characters in that word/phrase for each site.

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