Which was an idea behind the Self-Strengthening Movement?


Which was an idea behind the Self-Strengthening Movement?

to end Western influence by launching an anti-foreign uprising through local militia units

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to establish a radical reform program of abolishing private property and distribution of wealth

to change the imperial form of government by ending China’s agrarian-based peasant society

to allow local leaders to raise troops and levy taxes to promote military and economic reform 2 points


Which best describes the purpose for creation of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact?

to form a countermeasure against the military policies of NATO

to encourage economic prosperity and industrial capacity

to supersede the peacemaking efforts of the newly created UN

to end Europe’s global influence by decolonizing the Third World 2 points


Which describes an impact of industrialization efforts in Russia?

Railway construction opened Siberia to large-scale settlement and exploitation.

Recently freed serfs congregated in cities to obtain higher-paying factory jobs.

A newly minted middle class pushed the republican ideal of constitutional government.

Entrepreneurial initiative was inspired by western European industrial models. 2 points


Why were the World War II battles in the Pacific significant?

Japan roused the resource-rich United States into a long-term war the Japanese could not win.

German troops received a boost from Japan in its victories against the United States.

British forces were drawn to the fight in the Pacific, weakening their fight against Hitler.

Axis nations were forced to send reinforcements to Japan in its fight with the United States. 2 points


Which was not a colonial legacy in Latin America?

economic inequality resulting from mercantilism

predominance of power in ruling elites’ hands

Enlightenment ideal of limited government

patriarchal society supported by Catholicism 2 points


Which was not an impact of the Great Depression on Latin America?

Dictatorships emerged.

U.S. interference waned.

Marxism gained popularity.

Political extremism rose. 2 points


Which was a role of agriculture in the Islamic empires?

The population grew as a result of new food crops.

Women rose to prominence through crop cultivation.

Surplus agricultural production financed armies.

Elite landowners gained importance in government. 2 points


Which was not an Enlightenment ideal that inspired nineteenth-century revolutions?

individual freedom

equality before the law

divine right of kings

popular sovereignty 2 points


Why did communism fall in Eastern Europe?

economic weakness of communist regimes

end to antagonism with the United States and NATO

removal of Soviet nuclear weapons in Europe

mass emigration to western European nations 2 points


Which was a cause of the wars of independence in Latin America?

resentment of powerful white aristocratic creoles who dominated Peninsulares

adoption of French-style revolutionary ideas about equality, liberty, and fraternity

espousal of European socialist ideology by the exploited lower classes

harsh mercantilist economic policies imposed by European mother countries 2 points


Which is not an impact of economic inequities?

A small number of people in the developed world possess the majority of global wealth.

Hundreds of millions of people in the developing world struggle for adequate shelter.

Resulting poverty leads to malnutrition which stunts growth and mental development.

The developing world lacks capital to invest in new technologies to improve economies. 2 points


Which was an impact of the end of the slave trade?

the movement to abolish the institution of slavery

legal freedom for African and African-Americans

the gradual granting of political equality to former slaves

increased social and economic opportunities for former slaves 2 points


Which does not describe decolonization efforts in Africa after World War II?

For eight years, the French violently resisted Algeria’s efforts at independence.

White minority South Africans demanded and received independence from Britain.

Britain’s gradual transfer of power to Ghanaians meant the end of its empire.

Kenya’s Mau Mau nationalist violence broke British resolve to maintain its colony. 2 points


Which was not an early component of industrial capitalism?

mass production

modern corporations

mercantilist policies

wealthy monopolies 2 points


Which was the primary purpose of Axis occupation and administration of conquered territories?

to advance political ideology

to further nationalistic ambitions

economic exploitation

military domination

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