White Paper Research Paper Assignment


Research reports for businesses come in a variety of formats. Your textbook focuses mainly on feasibility and recommendation reports. I’m giving you the chance to write a white paper as well.
A white paper is a comprehensive, in-depth review of a thoroughly researched subject. While some white papers may lean toward persuasion, their main goal is to enlighten. Sections like “Summary,” “Background Information,” “Key Issues,” “Current Practices,” “Resource List,” and various others, depending on the topic matter, are typical of white papers.
You must conduct online and library research for this project, then create an educational, 8–10 page research paper that may be a feasibility report, recommendation report, or white paper. At least six peer-reviewed sources must be cited, along with four more (such as blog posts, pieces from magazines or newspapers, etc.). This study paper will show findings relating to the scenarios given on page 1, both visually and orally.
No matter how many students are working on the paper, the length requirement remains the same. Every piece of work submitted will be 8–10 pages long, with at least 6 sources that have undergone peer review and 4 supplementary sources.
Every prior assignment in this course has given you particular examples and forms to adhere to, but this one does not. You won’t receive detailed instructions on how to style and organize your research paper on this assignment sheet. Instead, you should make these decisions using your problem-solving abilities. I’ll give you some examples of papers; however, the content and formatting are not necessarily what you should use. Instead, looking at these examples may provide you with suggestions on how to structure and build your own.
You are accountable for: • Letting your research be guided by your responses to the important questions.
• Letting your research projects inspire the development of new questions and the pursuit of new research; • deciding what research is pertinent in light of your primary and secondary audiences; and • looking at all of your research and finding significant topics of relevance to your audiences.
• deciding how to best structure all of your research into an interesting report aimed at a business audience (and deciding whether to use a bibliography or footnotes to properly reference your sources);
Choosing a report format that suits the tone of your message; writing about the research using best practices for business writing (rather than writing in an academic style); including color, images, pictures, graphs, charts, tables, sample documents, etc. as necessary
Making a Final Research Paper Submission
By the deadline, your white paper’s final draft will be uploaded to the BlackBoard dropbox in Unit 3.

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