Who are the suppliers of the companies in the move rental industry?

The Movie Rental Industry
Please answer and discuss the questions below.

1. What are the various ways that a movie studio can get us
to pay money to consume their product (a movie)?

2. One of those ways is to let us rent the movie. What are
the various different methods or ways we can RENT a movie? (the case describes
at least 4)

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3. The way we usually consume movies is different from the
way our grandparents did. They went to movie theaters and we usually buy or
rent a movie to watch at home or online. Even how and why we rent movies has
changed over the years. People used to rent movies by driving to Blockbuster
and renting a VHS tape. Things have changed with technology, customer
preferences, competition and the internet. What is changing about why and how
and where we rent movies?

4. Think about the various 5 forces of the Movie Rental
Industry and answer the following questions:
a) Who are the various rivals who compete in the movie
rental industry?
b) Who are the customers of the companies in the movie
rental industry?
c) Who are the suppliers of the companies in the move rental
d) What are substitute products that we could choose to buy
instead of renting a movie?
e) What are some companies that do not currently compete in
the movie rental industry, but could choose to become new entrants into this

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