Who collected the data

Title Page – APA style
– Concise summary 200-400 words (depending on journals, for this class anything between)
– Separate headings (depending on journals) – for this class use APA style
– Have some data in the abstract with demographics, type of data, methods, and results – primary findings, and conclusion (what we found/need) – (include percentage and frequencies)
– Background information
– History
– Lit review (not only findings of what we want – key studies on what we are looking for and other types)
o Paragraph 1 – broad public health reasons (what are we doing the study and what do we care), big broad WHY? [make it interesting and convincing of why it is important – make it persuasive]
o Paragraph 2 to 4 – theory description (in a broad way and specific to the study). Bring from a lit review perspective how are we linking the theory and topic of the research
 Combo of general information and specific findings that integrates or show support for the theory you choose
o Last paragraph is to talk about the aim and the gap – not only the gap in the literature or science but in general why this study is important
– Typical intro is 2-3 pages double space, 12 pint font
– BEFORE the methods – Describe the process of developing questions
– How you did the study (in order to replicate)
o Paragraph 1 – Participants, recruitment methods, eligibility criteria (or ineligibility)
– Don’t talk about the demographics of the participants (those are your results!)
– Don’t talk in first person!
o Paragraph 2 – Describe how the focus group or interviews were performed (sometimes it can be included in the first paragraph, just make sure it makes sense)
– Talk about qualitative methods used:
o FG/individual interview – time, number of people, sometimes the questions used
o Face to face or phone
o Who collected the data (trained grad students, assistants, etc)
o How was your data collected
o Incentive
o How was recorded/writing notes
o The implementation of the data?
– We can talk BEFORE OR AFTER methods used about the CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK
o Based on the lit review why we chose this framework
– After those three sections – talk about the coding (structure), the consensus between researchers, codebook (codebook = table and hierarchy = figure) – reliability, consensus, or percent agreement. – if two researchers coded at the same time together: can replace the percent agreement
– A table or figure with some questions examples
– What software was used
– Paragraph 1:
o demographics on the sample (summarize key points on the text and add a table)
o sample size
– paragraph 2:
o get creative, the best way to lay out the findings
o use sub-headings: be thoughtful on how we are describing the data (we can use bar graphs but add them in the end not within this section – ex: See table 3.1 and add it at the end of the paper)
o barriers
o explain just the findings – not an opinion and do not try to explain them – we can use some quotes from the findings
o most interesting findings first and then the rest (not so interesting)
– paragraph 1:
o overview of the study
o describe BRIEFLY key findings (5-6 sentences)
– paragraph 2-4:
o Explain the findings – comparing and contrast with other studies and papers
o Compare each key finding with other studies!
o Use other new literature in this sections not only used the same as in the intro
– Paragraph 3 –
o Study limitations (in methodology, recruitment, etc) if you can try to paint it in the best light and explain why some limitations ( make it look good)
(summary of the study and why it is important for public health, go back to a broad aspect in public health again)
o Implications for other studies or interventions. Helps generate new theories

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