Who if anyone owns the many species found in nature?

1. Respond to the question Is it morally sufficient for a U.S. company to comply with the laws of the foreign country in which it operates? Why or why not? What guidelines should a multinational use to determine a fair wage to its employees in a less developed country?2. For this assignment you are to critically assess Mercks deal with INBio. Was it ethically justifiable? Why or why not? Who if anyone owns the many species found in nature? Do they belong to the people who own the land or water on or in which they are found?3. This week you are asked to post to these three issues.(a) an example of a consumer product currently being sold that you feel is not a morally responsible product(b) an example of when whistle blowing is morally mandatory and when it is morally wrong(c) an example of when marketing has crossed the line and become unethical.

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