Who makes the organization work and how do they organize themselves to accomplish goals?

Organizational Structure–California Youth Outreach (Breakout Prison Outreach (BPO))In this assignment, you will look at the organizational structure the organization. For this assignment, you will focus on the human capital in the organization–Who makes the organization work and how do they organize themselves to accomplish goals? Your submission should be a minimum of 2 pages and include the following:Overview of Organizational StructureUsing Tschirhart (2012) from Module 3, describe the organizational structure in terms of the “dimensions of structure.” This may include a discussion of size of the organization, complexity of the organization, centralized vs. decentralized structure, level of specialization, level of professionalism, etc. You do not have to use all of the dimensions of structure. Org Chart–provide a graphic representation of the organization that helps visually represent the level of complexity (how many layers?) and specialization (are there departments)? Your chart should include at least 3 levels (Board, Executive Director, Direct Service)Description of Org Chart: Following your presentation of the chart, provide a written description that provides:Information about the board (how large, what kinds of expertise, diversity)Information about the Executive Level (This may just include the Executive Director or it may include the Executive Director as well as other Directors)Information about who provides direct service–paid staff? Volunteers? A combination of both?The organization is California Youth Outreach. The paper should be APA format (essay format), 12 Times New Roman, and two pages.

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