Who should take these samples, and where should they be collected?

WOLF, in your practical and from other sources. More than anything you should also use your own common sense!
• Read the separate Coursework Guidance document and Assignment Marking Grid for more details about what is expected.
• This is a mythical scenario and you will not find reference to these places, events or individuals on-line!

1. a) List, in bullet point format, all the major crimes that appear to have been committed.

b) List, in bullet point format, all the volume crimes that appear to have been committed.

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2. List, in bullet point format, all the potential crime scenes in this scenario. Remember, each crime scene will need to be investigated.

3. Explain briefly why it is important to consider all of these crimes and crime scenes, and not just the major ones, and why evidence should be collected for each of them.

4. Describe the actions that PC Roberts, the First Officer Attending at the alleyway, should take AFTER the victim has been taken to hospital, and any other tasks he could usefully carry out. Make clear the order of his actions and his priorities.

5. Describe the actions that PC Kaur, the First Officer Attending at the park, should take AFTER the suspect has been taken to hospital and any other tasks she could usefully carry out. Make clear the order of her actions and her priorities.

6. Describe clearly, and justify, where exactly any cordons should be placed. Who would be responsible for placing and monitoring these cordons? What should be done with any members of the public who might be inside the areas to be cordoned off?

7. Describe the actions that PC Neilson should take AT the hospital. Make clear the order of his actions and his priorities.

8. Identify possible key evidence items (i.e. ones that are most likely to help to secure a conviction). Explain where these items might be located and how they might be found, protected or collected by the First Officer Attending or other officers. If any key evidence items are missing, where, when and how might they be located?

9. List, in bullet point format, all types of recording and documentation of the crime scenes prior to, and during, the removal of any items of evidence. Who should do this? Comment on both continuity and integrity of evidence handling, making clear what these terms mean.

10. For each potential key evidence item, briefly outline and justify the correct procedure for packaging of that item.

11. For the described scenario, identify any reference (control / elimination) samples that should be taken. Explain what samples should be taken and why. Who should take these samples, and where should they be collected?

12. List, in bullet point format, any other specialist personnel that be required to provide specialist support. Explain exactly where and when they would need to attend and what they would be tasked to do. Give consideration to the seriousness of the crime(s) and available funding – be realistic about what is required and prioritise requests for additional personnel.

13. Discuss which sources of evidence are the most likely to secure a conviction for the more serious crime categories. Explain your reasoning.

List any references that you use at the end of your report.
Use Oxford, Harvard or any other standard referencing format.
You don’t have to use any references if you feel you don’t need any.
If you wish to make sketch maps to explain your points please do so.

Read and check your work thoroughly before submitting it. Ensure that you have answered all the questions. Ensure that you have written in good English and that your answers are clear and concise.

State the number of words that you have used at the end of your answers.

Often the questions ask you to give an answer and to explain your answer: “the answer is this because this”. Don’t forget to give the explanation if you are asked to explain or justify your answer.

1.) The writer needs to be knowledgeable that holds a Masters or PHD in Criminology or in a similar subject.

2.) The writer needs to make sure that Learning Outcomes (LO), LO1,LO2,LO3 are covered in this case analysis.

3.) The writer needs to Analyse the case study and follow the full instructions as requested on the coursework.

4.) I require the writer to provide me with at least two publishs of the work before submitting the actual coursework, I would need to understand how you are going to plan and organise the coursework. I need to know your thoughts about the coursework, including what references your going to use and why.

5.) I need to achieve 70+ in this coursework, I would like you to follow the marking grid to ensure that you are meeting the first class grade. All the additional information is uploaded including the case analysis coursework.

6) Read through every attachment including general coursework feedback, this will give you a view of what mistakes other students have made so then you can make sure you are not following that direction.

7) I would like you to communicate with me throughout the process of this coursework, I would like updates regularly.

8) I have uploaded the timetable for my studies. Alongside it is important that you read upon the books that it indicates in the CR section. This will help to complete the coursework. Keep an eye on this regularly.

9) I have uploaded the Case Analysis Coursework brief, Harvard Referencing Guide, Task words, Guide to planning your assignment, report writing guide, presentation slides on my lectures, Packaging crime scene items guide and practical technique guide etc make use of this. Just make sure it’s consistent, readable, organised and no complicated big words. 10) If you don’t understand anything don’t assume just ask

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