Why did you pick this retailer?

Sourcing and Inventory Management # 258 Assignment: With the Category and Vendor or Target market you picket, you will research a retailer that you would sale to. Then Outline the following: Section 1 Write a description of the company/retailer you have chosen. Include answers to the following: 1. Why did you pick this retailer? 2. What type of retailer is it? 3. Where is it located? (if they have more than one location research how many stores and region.) 4. Who is the target customer? 5. What is the main product this store is selling? 6. Briefly describe all SKU’s carried within your specific product category. Include size ranges and price points. 7. What Countries are these SKU’s made in. 8. Who are the other brands selling in this category? 9. How are the goods merchandised? Section 2 Try to speak with a manager, owner, buyer or a salesperson and answer the following: You can find a lot of this information on the internet. 1. Who does the buying? 2. From where? 3. How do the goods get to the store? 4. What happens if the goods do not sell? Section 3 If this was your business, what would you change and Why? Writing Guidelines The project must be typed on 1 ½ “ 2 pages in length. The project must be doubled spaced “ 1- or 12 point font (new times, courier, Arial) There must be a title page with the following: Students name, class name, day and time class meets and instructors name.

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