Why do organisations need integrated enterprise systems?

In his book The Third Wave, futurist Alvin Toffler describes three distinct phases, or “waves of change,” that have taken place in the past or are presently taking place within the world’s civilisations. Discuss the characteristics of these phases.
2. How are firms pursuing a global business strategy different from firms pursuing a multidomestic business strategy?
3. Explain how scalability is an issue for organisations when managing their cloud infrastructure.
4. Describe the primary storage used in computer systems.
5. Explain social media marketing with an example.
6. What are microblogging tools? How are they similar to or different from blogs and instant messaging?
7. Why do organisations need integrated enterprise systems?
8. List the ways in which collaborative customer relationship management (CRM) enhances communication.
9. What is the productivity paradox for technology investments? Explain the possible reasons for the productivity paradox.

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