Why Employment Laws are Important in Healthcare: Impact and Consequences

 Less than century ago it was not uncommon to have children working in factories, long work days and weeks, and unfair wages. Over the past 50 years, employment laws have been enacted to protect workers from discrimination, unfair termination, and disparity in wages. In the healthcare field, leaders and managers must know these laws and how they impact the management of a diverse workforce and assess and manage the legal, ethical, and financial risks associated with not complying with these laws. In this Discussion you will analyze two cases from the list of cases This Discussion covers important regulations and laws that will impact your decision-making as a leader in healthcare. Please note that this Discussion is more substantive and is worth 48 points, rather than the 24 points allotted to all other Discussions in this course. For each of the cases your selected (you must select two), post a cohesive and substantive response to the following: Identify the cases you selected and address the questions posed in the scenarios you chose. Support your post with reputable and current references from the Learning Resources and or other professional/academic/government resources. Flynn, W., Mathis, R., Jackson, J., & Valentine, S. (2015). Healthcare human resource management (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage. Chapter 4, “Legal Issues Affecting the Healthcare Workplace” Chapter 11, “Labor Relations and Healthcare Organizations” https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/regulations/

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