Why is the KM cycle a cycle?

Learning Activity #1
Dalkir discusses the multidisciplinary nature of KM. Create a table with the name of the discipline on one side and role it plays described in the column next to the name. Explain in the role column how KM relates to the discipline. Give examples based on your own observations of this in the workplace. If you are currently not employed identify a past workplace or organization that you are involved in like the church or PTA to base your observations upon. Explain in your posting how you have seen KM and those disciplines at work in your organization.

Learning Activity #2
The best KM processes make the most money because they share information to all members of the organization allowing managers to make better decisions. Explain why this statement is true. Be sure to include in your answer what a KM process is and how it makes money by sharing information to all the organization. Give examples.

Learning Activity #3
Why is the KM cycle a cycle? Consider the nature of information and the dynamic nature of knowledge in your answer.

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