Why must health care providers must grow as professionals?

1.Why must health care providers must grow as professionals? What benefits does this give to all interested parties (the organization, the patients, and the health care providers themselves)? Make a list of at least five benefits and then pick two from among the list that you most closely identify with.  Explain how these two benefits may have impacted your own professional development.

2.Considering what you have learned throughout this course, what skills, behaviors or approaches might you apply in your organizational setting either to improve patient care, or to advance your professional career? What can you do today to set your plans in motion?

Write 4 post based on each topic with minimum 4 sentances. Discusses the concepts with clear and deep perception. It will display good deductive reasoning, which is a conclusion, made by the poster, related to the topic that is supported by evidence especially concepts from the readings. Referencing real-world examples, current events, or presenting further research you have conducted on the topic. Not based on opinion alone.

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