why people purchase the main product of this business.

The first paragraph of this executive summary should give a brief description of the business to which this budget applies. Very briefly describe the products and services of this company, the geography or demographics of the customers it serves, and why people purchase the main product of this business. Much or all of this will be found in the business profile provided to you. Please use your own words, and please do not simply copy and paste the explanation in the course materials. Make assumptions if necessary.

Also, provide a second paragraph that describes how the budget supports the company’s strategy.

Finally, provide a third paragraph where you summarize the key points from your budget, including the planning horizon; the amount of up-front investment; the NPV, payback, and IRR of the project; and key figures from your income statement, cash budget, and balance sheet.

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Remember, this is not a thesis or introduction of what you will talk about—it contains the major, specific content of each section. The second and third paragraph should be written after you have completed all other sections of this template.

As you complete sections of this template, please remove all italicized text in all sections of this template and replace it with your own or you will lose points!

Student Project Activity – Week 1

A. Week 1: Section 1.0 Executive Summary

B. TCOs Addressed:

TCO 10: Given a description of a new business, new product, service or project develop, present and defend the budget.

C. Project Activity Overview – Scenario / Summary:

You have been asked to create a budget proposal for one of these businesses: Papa Geo’s Restaurant, The Cutting Edge Landscaping, or Wireless World Electronics Retail Store. This week you will begin working on the proposal by publishing the Executive Summary.

Use the Budget Proposal Template.docx.

D. Deliverables:
Save the first paragraph of Section 1.0 Executive Summary publish as YourName_Project_WK1.docx and upload to the Week 1 Project Dropbox.

E. Project Tasks:

Task 1: Download the Budget Proposal Template.docx from DocSharing.

Task 2: Download the Course Project Description.docx. from DocSharing.
Task 3: Review the three different business scenarios.
Task 4: Select the business for which you will create a budget proposal.
Task 5: publish the first paragraph of the Section 1.0 Executive Summary.
Task 6: Save the publish and submit to the dropbox.

F. Grading Criteria

Description Suggested Points
The business is briefly described in one paragraph. 3
The business description is in your own words.
The business description appears in the Executive Summary section of the Budget Proposal Template.

The business description is one of the three businesses described in the business profiles. 2
Total Points 10 points


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