Why use the specific technology and infrastructure you recommend?

Imagine you work in an information technology consulting firm. In this position you are approached by a company that offers wired Internet service. The company is interested in developing a new mobile business service. You are asked to present this company with a report on the business and technology aspects of developing this mobile business.
Your report is the output of your course project and should be no more than 5,000 words.
You may suggest any mobile business you wish. Choose a topic you are knowledge about or are comfortable with. Some possible examples include:
Mobile marketing (advertising)
Mobile banking
Mobile purchasing
Mobile brokerage
Mobile information services
Mobile health
Location-based services
Note: Once you choose the type of mobile business service you would like to research, please submit a topic proposal of no less than 200 words
Issues and Resources
As you select and discuss a mobile business service and wireless technology, be sure to use relevant information from your reading material. The following are some important points that should be discussed.
Why use a mobile application (and wireless technology) and not a wired application for the business you suggest? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Why use the specific technology and infrastructure you recommend? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
How does your solution address wireless security issues?
In addition to your reading material, you are expected to use other sources such as articles from the Web. You are encouraged to use examples of real companies and mobile businesses/services as much as possible, where appropriate.
When preparing your project report, be sure you follow the suggestions for developing wireless projects as explained in detail in Chapter 13 of your reading material. Refer to the following sections in Chapter 13 to review the issues recommended for discussion in your report.
Business Strategy Analysis (especially establishing an m-business strategy)
Analyzing Business Processes and Business Workflows
Mobile Application Identification and Selection
Architecture Analysis to Support Mobility
Wireless Infrastructure Planning~-Identifying Technical Capabilities
Analysis of Mobile Application Development Choices
In-House Development and Deployment of Mobile Applications
Acquisition and Installation of Wireless Infrastructure
Renting and Outsourcing through Service Providers
Application Renting and Outsourcing through Wireless ASPs
A one-page executive summary is a mandatory part of your report. Prepare the executive summary after you write the report and include it as the first item. Summarize your report, stressing your recommendations (business and technical) in order to make a favourable impression on the reader. The executive summary should stand on its own, separate from the actual report.
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