Why did the USSR collapse, and how?

The research topic, methodology, and hypothesis must all be included in a research paper in order to address the research question properly. However, you should also consider at least one empirical situation to which you could apply the theory you are writing about.

Topic: Fall of the USSR

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Why did the USSR collapse, according to research?

Developyourhypothesestothisresearchquestion. You apply a variety of theories in an effort to explain your ideas to the research topic. Constructivism and liberalism could also be included. Whileyouarearguingyourpointyoucouldindicatewhichtheorydoesitbestandwhy.
Instructors’ recommended writing format is as follows:

1. Case
Create a link between the case and the theory.

2. Applying theory
3. Evaluation
4. Finality
Use Chicago 16th style for your bibliography and reference, please. Double-space the text, and use Times New Roman 12 point for formatting.




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