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Chapter 11
Willowbrook School is a small private school that has retained your services as a systems analyst
to assist in the development of a new information system for the school’s administrative needs.
The systems design has been completed and design specifications approved. You are now
beginning the implementation phase of the SDLC, which includes application development,
installation, and evaluation. One of the parents at Willowbrook has extensive experience with the
database package as a Database Administrator at a local company, and has committed to
providing 15 hours per week working with you to develop and test the project. You should
assume that the server, switch, and workstations discussed in Chapter 10 have been purchased,
installed, and networked.
Choose an application development methodology for the Willowbrook system. Discuss
the advantages and disadvantages of structured, object oriented, and agile development.
What types of testing should be performed? What types of test data should be used?
Identify the specific groups of people who need training on the new system. For each
group, describe the type of training you would recommend and list the topics you would
Develop a plan for data conversion and system changeover that specifies which data
items must be entered, the order in which the data should be entered, and which data
items are the most time critical. Discuss what method should be used for system



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