5.1 Discussion: Devotional Reflection-Diversity


1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

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2. Take a moment to reread Romans 12:41 Corinthians 12:12 and Revelation 7:9-10.

3. Reflect and respond to the following prompts:

a. Have you ever looked at the different parts of Christ’s church as a representation of diversity? Does it help you to recognize the importance of diversity (not only race but in areas like gender, disability, and culture) in the Church? How?

b. What type of picture does Revelation 7:9-10 paint for you?

c. Is there any way you can better create this picture of heaven right now in your life? How might that look? Will it be a stretch for you?

4. Your reflection post should be at least one full page in length and incorporate at least one Scripture other than those covered in the assignment, that supports your post. Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling and properly cite your sources.


5.3 Discussion: Outsourcing Rebuttal


1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Review White’s Biblical Principles from Workshop Three.

3. You posted your stance on outsourcing within Inotech in Workshop Four.; in this workshop, you will choose two classmates’(attached two classmates’ post) arguments that took an opposite view as yours, see Discussion 4.3.

4. Copy and paste your classmates’ original posts into your thread before composing your rebuttals under them. Label your posts “Your name rebuttal to Student’s name”. Example: Sara Smith’s rebuttal to John Doe.

5. Each rebuttal shall be separate and address the following:

a. Compare and contrast your view and your classmates’ viewpoints regarding the outsourcing of janitorial services.

b. Analyze your classmates’ uses of the ethical framework and discuss why they errored in their outcome.

c. Explain by using an ethical theory from Chapter 5 in your textbook to show how your classmates’ views are not ethical.

d. Present new evidence to support your original stance in an effort to change the position of the classmate you are responding to.

e. How does your ethical stance on outsourcing demonstrate White’s biblical principles (i.e., just weight, total honesty, being a servant, personal responsibility, and reasonable profits)?

6. The rebuttal must be presented without personal attack or malice and in a courteous manner.

7. Each rebuttal post needs to be composed with a minimum of 300 words.

8. Your responses are due by the end of the workshop.


5.4 Project Assignment: Personal Ethics Statement (Diversity)


1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Read Chapter 11 in Meeting the Ethical Challenge of Leadership textbook.

3. Read Article: Defining Diversity: Beyond Race And Gender.

4. Watch the Ted Talk: The Dangers of a Single Story.

5. With clear, insightful critical thinking, reflect and answer the following questions.

a. In your own words, how does a “single story” (explained in the Ted Talk “The Danger of a Single Story”) emphasize how we are different rather than how we are similar?

b. What dangers does this notion of a “single story” produce for you personally and in the workplace when understanding diversity?

c. Explore one of the laws mentioned in the background section and discuss briefly how this law helps protect members of this population?

d. In what ways can you broaden your sense of diversity?

6. Your reflection should be between 450 and 700 words and include at least two scholarly sources. Be sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and APA format in the paper. For questions on APA style, go to OCLS APA Writing Styles Guide.

a. Note: cover pages, academic sources, reference pages, etc. do not count towards the word length requirement in your paper. Remember the work you do here will benefit you in completing your final paper in Workshop Six.

7. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself (name your assignment “LastName_Ethics_Diversity”) and submit a copy through the Assignment Submission Page by the end of the workshop.

Many companies hire service employees either by offshoring or onshoring. An onshoring is hiring employees domestically wherein they advantage such as ease of communicating, since you speak the same language, also easier counterpart risk assessments regarding to say legal dispute resolutions since the counter parties are local. Another benefit is political aspects where onshoring can help the local communities by providing jobs. Offshoring is when the companies hire service employees from abroad, where they can save on cost as the production of materials outside the country are many times cheaper than the local country. To go offshoring a company gets widen range of option in which sector they may go to hire employees, also going abroad can help in easier scaling of employees if in case there are not enough workers locally available.

Outsourcing janitorial service to a local company can help in cost saving. When one hires a new staff, they must train the new individual into the system and that costs money, by outsourcing the service provider already has established the required training required by the company so when they bring the outsourced person in, they can immediately start working with no extra cost. Another reason for outsourcing would be that if your staff that quits or becomes suddenly unavailable to multitudes of reason which would otherwise cost a lot of money to hire someone new and manage what previous staff has last left off on, and training them, the companies janitorial function will continue as is, as the service provider would have someone exactly what you would require immediately to replace the worker.

One of the ethical frameworks that could apply to my consideration of outsourcing is pragmatism. With pragmatism we can solve a practical problem via scientific method as per pragmatists such as John Dewey who used philosophy, science, and politics to solve issues. If we look at the problem where in the company wants to cost benefits in hiring the janitorial staff via outsourcing, they are approaching the situation without causing ethical distress in hiring and firing certain individuals or losing money and time over those let go. As mentioned by Susarla & Mukhopadhyay (2019) “the purpose of outsourcing is to usher in organizational or strategic transformation” (p.930) – Outsourcing service providers will take care of the exact required needs of the company and deal with staff replacement in case of someone being let go.  This would be the most practical and strategic way by outsourcing the janitorial staff.

The Fiduciary duties and social responsibility as play here is that the company this working with the owners needs and consent to cut down on operational cost by suggesting the way of outsourcing. It will help the company maintain the regular functions as is by outsourcing and without the ethical dilemmas in dealing with hiring and firing of individuals due to cost cutting.





Susarla, A., & Mukhopadhyay, T. (2019). Can Outsourcing of Information Technology Foster Innovations in Client Organizations? An Empirical Analysis. MIS Quarterly43(3), 929-A5.




Outsourcing is the practice of using outside for firms to perform some of their work activities. Larger companies use outsourcing practices to cut their costs, while small companies outsource their payroll processing, distribution, and accounting functions. The outsourcing method enables companies to obtain a competitive advantage; it makes businesses adapt to changing market conditions and challenges. It facilitates increased efficiency, thus enables organizations to be more productive and provide more outstanding quality. Also, outsourcing gives organizations access to capabilities and facilities and improves core business activities (Tayauova, 2012).

I support the concept of Outsourcing janitorial services at Inoteech Corp for the following arguments; the practice of outsourcing will help cut operational costs in practical ways. For instance, the company will have the opportunity to hire and terminating outsourced company’s employees without hesitation since employment terms are based on a contract basis. Also, the company can negotiate the outsourced employees’ salaries. Another argument is based on the company’s ability to provide various products that contain critical information about the company. Outsourcing of janitors results in the company having no control over its employees’ hiring, resulting in the loss of the company’s critical information, resulting in a decrease in product sales (Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm, & Cochran, 2020)

An ethical framework that would support my stance on outsourcing is Utilitarianism; this is the practice of executing actions within an organization that are more useful to the employees than the company itself. The organization strives for operational efficiency, includes functions of maximizing corporate sales, profits, and revenues. Therefore, when the company decides to terminate the 40 workers from both Indiana and Ohio facilities, it will help the organization cut operational costs and benefit its employees through the ability to reduce operating costs while improving the company’s budget (Anderson et al., 2020).

According to the above scenario, the fiduciary duties and social responsibility include the following; first, fiduciary duty entails establishing loyalty and commitment of care. In this situation, my stance of outsourcing janitorial services must benefit the organization; therefore, I am performing fiduciary duty by helping the company reduce its operational costs to increase its sales, revenue, and profits. Additionally, laying off the 40 employees from Indian and Ohio facilities protects the company from losing critical information. Social responsibility is the ability to work with my colleagues collaboratively to increase the company’s outputs. InfoTech Corp offers a variety of products and services to its customers and society. It is my social responsibility to ensure that the company continues providing its services to the community (Coelho, McClure, & Spry, 2003). The company can achieve this through the ability to have a consistent flow of capital from its sales and revenue. Therefore, this can be done by outsourcing janitors, which provides an opportunity for the company to maximize its profits through cutting costs.


Anderson, D. R., Sweeney, D. J., Williams, T. A., Camm, J. D., & Cochran, J. J. (2020). Essentials of modern business statistics with Microsoft Excel. Cengage Learning.

Branch, B., & Merton, J. (2003). Fiduciary Duty and Social Responsibility.

Coelho, P. R., McClure, J. E., & Spry, J. A. (2003). The social responsibility of corporate management: A classical critique. American journal of business.


Tayauova, G. (2012). Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing: analysis of outsourcing practices of Kazakhstan banks. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 41, 188-195.


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