Write a 2 page essay on I dont know. But in the U.S., there is no discrimination

Write a 2 page essay on I dont know.
But in the U.S., there is no discrimination based upon sex. Here, women can get driving licenses and drive their cars. When I was able to get a driving license, I came to realize the real meaning of equality. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, I will be difficult for me to get a driving license. So, I learned the essence of freedom as a person with a driving license. Besides, driving a car changed me a lot. For instance, I can drive my own car without further assistance from others. This is really important to me as an individual from a male dominated society. To be specific, from driving a car, I learned to be the part of the mainstream society and it changed my attitude towards the U.S society.
As an individual, getting engaged is an important event in my life. One can see that my education in the U.S. with scholarship helped me to have a suitable alliance. For instance, I made use of my education in the U.S. as an opportunity to be free from male domination. To be specific, most of the male dominated societies hesitate to allow independence to the womenfolk. The thing that I learned from getting engaged is that education can help one to choose the most suitable individual. Now I feel so happy because I am independent to take decisions on my own. Seligman opines that “Happiness in the present moment consists of very different states from happiness about the past and about the future, and itself embraces two very distinct kinds of things: pleasures and gratifications” (102). Now I realize that happiness is interconnected with individual freedom and liberty. When a human being is free from external pressure, there exists high scope for development in future. Getting engaged changed me a lot because I realize that a suitable alliance is one of the factors of happiness in life.
As an individual from the Middle East, especially from Saudi Arabia, my life as a student in U.S was so interesting. My education in the

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