Write a 2 page essay on My willing contribution to the university and my hopes f

Write a 2 page essay on My willing contribution to the university and my hopes for college experience.
tudents who get education in a community college just because the government provides them with money or some students study their because of their parents. The lack of strength in the utilization of their capabilities is disturbing. Students cheat to get good grades and focus on passing the examination instead of learning.
This trend needs to be altered to improve the educational status globally and to produce high quality achievers.
The system of going to school and then going to work to pay for the school fees is one of the factors that de-motivates a lot of college going students. The cycle leaves little space for personal development of a person. My aim in life has always been to explore the story of the people around me and being a part time educationist I consider it a responsibility to teach them and show them the right direction. Every person can make a contribution to their society for its betterment and my responsibility is to make sure that my students and other people around me acknowledge their true potential.
The University of Colorado fosters a culturally diverse environment and an inclusive community which I hope to become a part of and contribute my skills that I have gained through my personal experiences. My aim would be to give in my best at every on campus activity and accomplish all targets set by my professors. Tutoring has taught me that there is a fire in each soul that is waiting to be ignited and with the proper attention given to a person, there are miracles that can be achieved. It is necessary for each person to understand what they are capable of and know their worth because it this in this way that they can succeed in life. Diverse environment gives out the proper conditions necessary for me to contribute to and to make myself better. I am willing to bring the same zeal and zest to the University of Colorado and achieve my aim. There is no age of learning and a person can achieve much in life by having an attitude of never giving

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