Write a 3 page essay on Technology review. Turnitin.com: turnitin.com is an effe

Write a 3 page essay on Technology review.
Turnitin.com: turnitin.com is an effective plagiarism checker which means its work is to verify and check for any plagiarism that prevails in the paper. It is a very reliable website for instructors which aim to compare the work submitted to the teachers with works on the web in order to check the reliability and uniqueness of the work. It is easily available and online communities can be made through which the instructor can evaluate and access the work.
K5learning.com: k5 learning again is an interactive platform for young learners who seek to develop their skills through fun. K5 is a website which accesses young learners and enhance their abilities. Online tests are taken, assessments are done and help is provided to those who need reinforcement so that an effective learning mechanism is generated.
Freevideolectures.com: it is an online resource for many learners out there who can easily access online the lectures of reputable teachers regarding various topic of study. This site enables learners to gain knowledge regarding various subjects having lectures of almost 30 respectable universities. This websites offers a vast range of courses and lectures which students aid from to develop better understanding in a convenient and cost effective manner.
Tutorphil.com: is an online site to overcome the workload and ease down the frustration level among students. It provides learning methodologies and gives advices and tips to overcome the problems while structuring an essay. It is an interactive site which helps to device proper essays with ease and convenience.
At this point I would like to choose my three sites which according to me are the most reliable to generate effective learning. My three sites which I will focus on in my essay are lore.com, turnitin.com and freevideolectures.com. If these three sites are integrated then a very convenient mechanism can be generated which will aid in learning.
The reason why I think

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