Write a 500-750 word analysis of your interview experience. Be sure to exclude specific names and other personal information from the interview.

Details: This assignment requires you to interview one person and requires an analysis of your interview experience.

Initial Interview: Pick someone to interview from among patients, family members, or friends. No matter who you decide to interview, make sure to concentrate on their experience as a patient. Review The Joint Commission resource, which is included in the topic materials, offers some instructions for developing instruments for assessing spiritual requirements in patients. Create your instrument for determining patients’ spiritual needs using this resource and any additional guidelines or examples you can discover. A minimum of five of the survey’s questions must be interview-interactive in order to be considered valid. Record the interviewee’s responses as they occur. The questions posed and the responses offered ought to be included in the transcript. Take careful notes throughout the interview to document the responses. Leave out specific names and other identifying details about the interviewee. Analysis in Part II: Analyze your interview experience in 500–750 words. Make sure to keep the interview free of specific names and other private information. Provide demographic information instead, like sex, age, race, and religion. Add the following to your answer: What went well first? 2. Were there any obstacles or difficulties that made it difficult for you to finish the assessment tool? How would you handle them going forward or alter your evaluation to handle these difficulties better? 3. How can this tool help you deliver the right interventions to your patient’s needs? 4. Did you find that the interviewee’s spiritual needs and concerns were heightened by their health and stress? Use examples to support your explanation. Submit both the interview’s transcript and your interpretation of the findings. This needs to be supplied as a single file. The word count does not include the transcript of the interview. Prepare this assignment in accordance with the instructions provided in the Student Success Center’s APA Style Guide. No abstract is necessary. The task is graded using a rubric. Before starting the task, please examine the rubric to familiarize yourself with the criteria for success. This assignment must be turned in to Turnitin. To follow the instructions, please visit the Student Success Center. In this benchmark assignment, the following competencies are evaluated: RN-BSN CONHCP Program Competencies: 5.2: For individuals, families, and groups, determine the best interventions to meet their spiritual needs.


Assessment of Spiritual Needs and Reflection for the Benchmark Assignment 1 Unacceptable 0.00% 2 Not Quite Satisfactory 65.00% 3 Acceptable 75.00% 4 Good 85.00% Excellent 5 100.00% 70.0%Amount 40.0%Instrument for Evaluating Patients’ Spiritual Needs 5.2 CONHCP Patients’ experiences have little to no bearing on the tool used to evaluate their spiritual requirements. The interview’s transcript is either absent or irrelevant. Although there is a tool for evaluating patients’ spiritual requirements, it does not pay enough attention to patients’ experiences. There is a detailed transcript of the interview available. Patients’ experiences are the main focus of a tool for evaluating the spiritual needs of patients. There is a detailed transcript of the interview available. There is a tool for evaluating patients’ spiritual requirements, and it focuses on patient experiences. The tool accurately collects data. There is a detailed transcript of the interview available. Patients’ experiences are the main focus of a tool for evaluating the spiritual needs of patients. The tool employs efficient data collection techniques that deliver the desired outcomes. There is a detailed transcript of the interview available. 30.0%Analysis of the Interview Process Analysis of the interview process reveals that the assignment requirements had little to no bearing on the experience. Although it addresses a few of the areas mentioned in the assignment directions, the analysis of the interview experience is included. The majority of the elements mentioned in the assignment instructions are covered in an analysis of the interview experience. All of the elements mentioned in the assignment requirements are covered in an analysis of the interview experience. All of the elements mentioned in the assignment requirements are covered in an analysis of the interview experience. The analysis demonstrates a thorough comprehension of the linkages. Organization and Efficiency 20.0% 7.0%Thesis Structure and Goal Paper lacks a clear overarching goal or organizing tenet. The purpose is not obvious, and the thesis and/or major argument are not sufficiently developed or are imprecise. The core claim and/or thesis are clear and pertinent to the intended objective. The main assertion and/or thesis are distinct and foretell the course of the paper. They serve the intended purpose and are descriptive, reflective of the arguments, and pertinent. Comprehensive core claim and/or thesis. The thesis states the main idea of the essay. The thesis statement clarifies the paper’s goal. 8.0%Argument Construction and Reasoning The conclusion does not support the statement of purpose. The conclusion refutes the assertion made. Argument employs unreliable sources and is not cohesive. The basis for the allegations is insufficient. Argument is not consistently cohesive. The logic is obviously flawed. Some sources’ integrity is under question. Although organized, an argument could have some inconsistencies. The reasoning only partially supports the statements it makes. The argument supports the goal intellectually but not completely. Credible sources have been utilised. The introduction and conclusion frame the thesis. The argument follows a logical path. Argumentation strategies are clear. From the introduction to the conclusion, the claims are presented in a logical order. The majority of sources are reliable. A compelling assertion is presented in a unique and captivating way by a clear and convincing argument. All information is reliable. 5.0% Writing mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage of language) Surface mistakes are so common that they make it difficult to convey meaning. Word choice and/or sentence structure are inappropriate. The reader becomes distracted by frequent and repetitive mechanical faults. There are inconsistencies in the words and/or language choices. Although correct, the sentence structure is unchanging. Although there are some grammatical or typographical problems, they don’t seriously distract the reader. The use of precise, diversified sentence construction and language that is suitable for the target audience. There may be a few mechanical faults in prose, but they are uncommon. The author employs a range of powerful sentence patterns and rhetorical devices. The writer certainly has a knowledge of academic English that is used in writing. 10.0%Format 5.0% Paper Format (usage of proper style for the assignment and major) The documentation format is rarely correctly followed, or templates are not used properly. The right template is utilized. However, some parts are either incorrect or missing. There is a clear lack of formatting control. The right template is employed. The formatting is accurate, albeit there could be a few small mistakes. The proper template is fully utilized. There are hardly any formatting style errors. The format is correct for all elements. Documentation of Sources (5.0%; as relevant to the assignment and style, citations, footnotes, references, bibliography, etc.) There are no cited sources. The documentation of sources, as suitable to the assignment and style, is inconsistent or erroneous and has various formatting mistakes. Although there may be minor formatting mistakes, sources are cited according to the assignment’s requirements and the chosen style. In accordance with the assignment and style, sources are cited, and the structure is generally accurate. Sources are fully and accurately cited in accordance with the assignment and style, and the format is error-free.


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