Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper with an introduction describing the general differences between Quantitative and Qualitative Research.

Distinctions between quantitative and qualitative research

Write an opening for your 700–1,050-word essay outlining the critical distinctions between quantitative and qualitative research. Describe the traits of the descriptive, experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, and multiple regression designs after this comparison. To establish the proper scholarly tone, make sure to cite sources for this section of the work and write in the third person. After these opening sentences, write an outline indented with a topic that interests you for a mock study that you will conduct during the course. For each of the following points in the outline, use no more than one or two sentences:

1- Broad Subject Area

2. Particular Subject Area

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3. General Issue

4- Particular issue: Please make sure to phrase this as an issue rather than a benefit or a question.

5- The study’s purpose, which is similar to your problem but is articulated as a purpose and incorporates the study’s worth.

6- The research question(s) you want to answer in the mock study (make sure your RQ(s) are comprehensive). There are no references needed for this section of your essay.

Make sure your outline is coherent throughout, meaning that you are talking about the same topic from point to point. Finish your Microsoft® Word document by summarizing your essay and providing a defense of your decisions. Use references to back up your decisions. According to APA formatting standards, format your paper.



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