Write your answers in a 2–3-page essay and present it in Microsoft Word document format.

Compare and contrast how the anxiety-performance relationship is explained by the individual zones of optimal functioning model, multidimensional anxiety theory, and cusp catastrophe model. More specifically trace the development of your theoretical understanding of the relationship between performance and the following:

Cognitive anxiety
Somatic anxiety

Be sure to highlight how each of the three theoretical explanations built upon the previous explanation to extend our understanding of the anxiety-performance relationship.
Part II:

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Imagine that you are a coach working with an elite-level athlete preparing for a major competition. Applying Moran’s (2003) principles of effective concentration presented in this module, compose a four-part plan to enhance this athlete’s concentration abilities in preparation for this event. More specifically describe how you would help the athlete enhance his/her ability to focus by specifying performance goals, using preperformance routines, incorporating trigger words, and practicing mentally. In your answer, be sure to create a hypothetical athlete in a sport of your choice, and provide specific examples and details to illustrate your understanding of the concentration principles.
Write your answers in a 2–3-page essay and present it in Microsoft Word document format.

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