writing 107b business writing

Hi, I’m Vanessa and I have a team project for the business writing class. You can see the guideline for the whole project in the file “team project guideline” We choose the company “Jack in the Box”. Assume we are the employees of Jack in the Box, our goal is to convince the executive team of Jack in the Box to accept our proposal. (please read step 1 and step 2 assignment to get more information and better understanding of our project)

Now I need to do the step 3 and the guidelines as follow:

Write an initial draft of your assigned section *(which you can see in the step 1 assignment. I’m Vanessa for section 2 which should analyze the “trends” and “competitions”). It should include all data and other research you currently have *(in step 2 assignment, our team already have 6 sources that can use, and you can also add more researches if you need), along with at least one created visual aid you plan to use. It should be a COMPLETE draft. Please format it appropriately including using appropriate headers and citations. In general, your draft which will include all of your covered topics will be between 2-3 pages total (single-spaced with double spaces in between paragraphs, business format), depending on content and organization. Use headings to make it easy to find information.


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