Writing a Book Review Essay

In such a case, the main aim will be to appraise and include new discoveries or ideas to make the old work look

than any previous writing. One thing about this type of writing is that it must not be done only when the complete book has been written. It can be done at any point in the research and writing process. It can be done without even finishing the whole book. A chapter or even a whole section of the book can be reviewed.

You should begin by establishing a purpose for your writing. Every book review must have a unique purpose and reviewing for a purpose means that your review must really brings about whatever you want to evaluate. This means that as soon as you write something different from the earlier one, you should stop and reflect if it achieves the purpose. And also remember that while reviewing a book, your purpose may also be different from what was conceived in the previous writing. But you should be able to assess if the original writer ends up saying what was intended at the start.

Before you begin to write, you must know everything about the book. There is no alternative in doing this than to read and understand the whole book. Remember that you must know everything about the whole book. Do not think that knowing a bit of everything about the whole book will lead you to success. This is the more reason why you should start writing as soon as the topic is known. This will be a time consuming activity. You should work with time and not against time. For this reason, you should develop an outline. This is one of the most obvious tools that will take you through start to finish.

Consider the type of readers you have. What is the previous book all about? Is it a scholastic work or simply a fiction? Who are the class of readers? Will they be able to make out what you have reviewed and will they be able to appreciate what you have reviewed more than what obtains in the book?

Consider the whole outlook of the

work. Does your

material incorporate all and even more of what is in the old work? Is there anything new in the new work and is it reflective of current events?



writing should often be revised and edited and this should preferably be done by another writer. However, the writer should be knowledgeable enough on what is found in the previous work. Remember that a genuine criticism must be made on what you have written. If you find out that a rewrite will be possible, you should not hesitate in doing so. Keep in mind that rewriting is one of the most perfect forms of writing. Edit your book

to make sure that the structure of what you have written is superb. Revising and editing for structure is very important because these are the very causes of almost all book


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