Writing A College Application Essay Is Easy

College aspirants are daunted by the thought of writing this paper. In truth, it should not be that difficult.

Write it in your own words to give your essay its distinctive characteristics – your persona. Before you write this, seek out the requirements. Catalog and organize your facts. Write it down and embellish it with your personal thoughts.

Points to remember

This paper should have all the relevant information about your educational background. It would be a boring narrative if the details were strictly about your years in high school. The college admissions panel would like to know the person behind all these details.

Here is a list of the information to include in your narrative:

School grades

Recommendations from your school

Extra-curricular activities

Why you have applied for the college

The things you do to perform well in school

The things you can contribute to the college as a student

If you just enumerate this, and mail this to the college of your choice, nothing about you will show. The college officials will not be able to know your capabilities, thoughts, and potential.

The focal point

All college admissions panel look at the grades. How do you make sure they sit up and notice? If you are not an Einstein, show them around your stronger points. Remember you are also selling yourself, so never sell yourself short. Explain what the school subjects meant to you and how you coped admirably.

If the college application requires you to choose a topic, think of the things closest and dearest to your heart. Do not try to impress them by writing about heavy stuff that you are not familiar about. You could write about non-academic activities like sports and travel.

When writing about sports focus on the effect of the game on you as an individual. You are not required to describe a football game from the beginning to the end. Write why the game is interesting to you, and how it has affected your life.

If you write about a recent travel highlight the important gains of the trip. Do not be telling your readers about the bus or train schedules. Tell them instead of the significance of the trip in terms of meeting new people and seeing historical or beautiful spots – or how the trip has enriched your life.

The writing rules

Any thesis or school paper should be written with careful thought. The simple writing rules of the 5 paragraph narrative will also apply. Whet your reader’s appetite with tantalizing tidbits before you present your big idea. All these must be condensed in the three paragraphs of the body.

Your college application essay will be easy for you to write. It is all about you, your experiences and your aspirations. You must review and rewrite your paper until you are satisfied with your work.

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