Writing a proposal for change essay

Write a 4-5 page proposal for social change using MLA documentation, including in- text citations and a Works Cited Page.
Be specific in your problem statement (thesis). 
Write as much as you can from your own knowledge and experience.
Incorporate at least one personal  interview, preferably two. You will also be assessed on  originality/depth/level of engagement in this project.
Then, use additional research to support your ideas. 
Include a personal interview and a local, state and/or national news article, if you can find one related to your topic.  
You will need to paraphrase from outside sources which support your own ideas. 
Quote any exact phrases or sentences you utilize in your paper. 
Make sure to add in-text citations after any ideas you have brought into your paper from outside sources. 
Read the section on plagiarism in the syllabus. This will emphasize the importance of documenting information.
Format: Fit your proposal in this outline, so you can visually see how the components fit together and help you “trim” your paper. 
Here are the resources:
https://hbr.org/2017/05/why-my-company-serves-free-breakfast-to-all-employees   ——- this can be an example/research.
KEYS:Follow the format
 Background Problem Statement (thesis)
What is Being Done
What Needs to Be Done
Implications for the Future



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