Yellow Wallpaper


Yellow Wallpaper

Miscommunication, self-expression, and misunderstanding

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In the story, the narrator is subjected to insanity by the mental constriction placed upon her which even exceeds the physical constraints. She is forced to be passive, restricted from acting hesr mind and forced to hide her fears and anxiety in efforts to preserve and maintain a happy marriage. She is unable to express herself and to find someone who would pay attention to her. The only way the narrator could express herself was through writing which she had been forbidden to do. She persistently yearns for an emotional as well as an intellectual outlet and keeping a secret journal which she views it as a relief to her mind. She uses a secret diary to reveal all the thoughts that would upset John. The written content in the secret diary displays the level of misunderstanding her husband John had developed concerning her inner life. John is not able to see the dramatic change in their relationship during her stay in the room with the yellow wallpaper, and the distance between them grows more and more. The narrator isolation is displayed where she perceives the image of the yellow wallpaper in a different angle but is not able to share with anyone. Other moment of miscommunication and misunderstanding is where the narrator is kept in suspense on the small details of the room that is, from the barred windows and the gnawed bedpost. The room is said to have been acquired at a low price for summer, but the narrator knows nothing about it. According to Gilman, a mind that is subjected to a forced inactivity is prone to destruction, and this is the case in the story where the narrator begins to lose her sanity due to confinement.


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