Yoruba art- philosophy of aesthetics

The assignment consists of writing around one thousand word paper. 

Explain and describe an object (or place or story or piece of music) from the aesthetic tradition deriving from Yoruba art. In doing so, tell us some of the aesthetic qualities it has, describe how it is used by the culture it was created by, describe how the object is used by an outside culture, etc. Why did you pick this object? (300+ words) 
Relate the art object in part 1 to a seminal text within that artistic tradition. The easiest way to do this assignment is to pick an object from one of the traditions we studied (e.g., Yoruba) and relate it back to the text you had to read for that class “Understanding Yoruba Art and Aesthetics”. (500+words)(the article required for answering this question is attached below)
Make connections between parts 1 &2 with reference to Coleman’s“Cross-Cultural Aesthetics and Etiquette.’ (500+ words)(this article by Coleman is also attached below)

This assignment is quite important and I need it done well, I wanted to give my thanks and appreciation in advanced. 



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