You are required to assist with the recruitment and selection of a vacant position. Access or another career site, e.g. newspaper or business website, and review some advertisements and choose one position.

 Recruitment and selection of a vacant position

You must assist in filling a vacant post through recruitment and selection. Review some job listings on or another career website, such as a newspaper or business website, before selecting one.
Respond to the following inquiries:
1. Were the most suitable media used to market your chosen position, and if not, what additional media may have been used and why?
2. What would you need to take into account while getting permission to advertise and fill positions before starting the recruitment and selection process?
3. Who would you consult when helping to create a job description? Why?
b. Which of the following would you put under each heading?
Organization name and logo, job title, job summary, job status, reporting arrangements, qualifications, important duties, tasks, and responsibilities, and selection criteria are all listed.
Experience is both necessary and desirable. Knowledge is both necessary and desirable.
• Characteristics
Your responses should accurately reflect the following factors: the position requirements as outlined in organizational policies and procedures; national standards, laws, and codes of conduct; workplace diversity; and health and safety (WHS) considerations.
You must create a recruitment and selection manual that a selection committee can use to evaluate applicants for the job you selected for the initial assessment.
Considering all of the “before,” “during,” and “after” interview stages, the recruitment guide must provide the following details:
Before the interview:
1. What data, background checks, or pre-interview questions need to be deemed pertinent for the chosen position?
2. Describe the selection procedure for candidates.
3. How would you decide on the times, dates, and locations for interviews and inform applicants of them?
4. How would you make sure that the questions asked during interviews adhered to the law?
Throughout the interview
5. How would you successfully engage in the interview process and evaluate applicants in light of predetermined selection criteria?
following the interview?
6. What procedures would you recommend for the panel discussion following the interview to evaluate and debrief on the quality of the interview, including a mention of the conduct anticipated by the interviewer?
7. How is the panel supposed to correct biases and deviations from the predetermined selection process?
8. How are reference checks to be carried out?
9. What would you put in the format of a selection report?
10. How should candidates—both successful and unsuccessful—be informed of the results of the selection process, and how should you address any questions?
11. What paperwork needs to be done when the selection process is over (in accordance with corporate policies, confidentiality requirements, and privacy requirements)?
You must create a straightforward, user-friendly checklist in this last evaluation job that outlines the procedures you must follow to officially welcome the chosen candidate to the role.
These phases should offer a succinct overview rather than the entire induction program that takes place for the candidate.
1. What paperwork would you provide the new hire before they started working?
2. To whom would you announce the start of the new employee, and what details would you give them?
3. How would you set up the payroll and personnel record-keeping procedures?
Set up the successful candidate’s induction, which includes:
• Specifies the main objectives of the program (such as initial training to fulfill the requirements of the position); • Specifies the legal obligations of the organization (such as providing an employment contract and other documentation to the chosen candidate);
• Lists the people who should be involved in running the induction program (such as the manager, coworkers, and HR consultant).
• Outlines a straightforward schedule of duties and activities to assist the new hire in acclimating to the organization, team, and role (such as initial orientation).
• Considers workplace health and safety, anti-discrimination, and diversity laws (such as awards and enterprise agreements).
The steps in the program, the deadlines, and the individuals in charge of each component of the program must all be clearly stated. This evaluation task must be given as a checklist.
Team Captain? Manufacturing can? Rocklea: $78k plus shift bonus + super
• Prominent manufacturer of metal or plastic can packaging? Afternoon Shift • Lead a team of 5–6 individuals in excellent IFOT production? From Monday through Friday, 15:50 p.m. to 00.40 a.m. • Qualified Fitter/Turner? Maintenance background that fits? production knowledge
This well-known business is a market leader in the production and distribution of a cutting-edge assortment of premium metal and plastic packaging goods and services. Their clients include a diverse spectrum of industrial and food applications, and they have manufacturing facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

With numerous patents and registered designs, numerous awards for delivery performance and product quality, and a remarkable reputation in its market, Additionally, they have a strong history of dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service.

They are looking for a team leader to join the group at their Rocklea can manufacturing facility.

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The chosen individual will benefit from first-rate circumstances and rewards. These benefits consist of a base salary plus a shift allowance and a team leader’s allowance of $78,000.
Role This is a very practical role. In addition to being in charge of one of the ten production teams the company has, it also has the duty to ensure that orders are produced to the highest quality standards and delivered IFOT (in full, on time) at the lowest possible cost. You will be working with supportive managers and staff in a demanding and hectic production environment.
Mon through Fri, 15:50 p.m. to 00.40 a.m.
The successful applicant must be a trade-qualified fitter and turner with experience working in a production environment and a background in maintenance fitting. Additionally, you will have either successfully managed a production team or demonstrably be capable of doing so.

The following personal qualities are crucial for success in the position: • Strong organizational, problem-solving, and numeracy skills; • A passion for quality, customer service, and safety; • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills that allow you to collaborate effectively with team members.
• Understanding of lean production techniques (high regard for this understanding)
Salary As previously mentioned, a competitive compensation plan is on the table, rewarding the successful applicant with a basic salary of $78,000 plus a shift allowance payment and a team leader’s stipend.
Include a cover letter outlining how you meet the requirements listed in the job posting, along with your most recent resume.
P.S. The email address you provided during your application will be used for initial communication. Please regularly check your spam folder and inbox.


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