You must provide premises/reasons in support of a conclusion/claim

Religion The Chapter IV Essay is an argumentative essay. You must provide premises/reasons in support of a conclusion/claim. Your introduction should include a brief attention-grabber, your thesis statement (which will be your answer to the essay question/topic), and your principal premises (main reasons in support of your thesis). Develop and defend your principal premises in the body of your essay using information from Chapter IV. Do not use outside sources, as I am only concerned with your thoughts about the material presented in the chapter. Since you are not using outside sources, you do not need to include a works cited page. Simply cite the page number if you use a direct quote from the textbook. Your conclusion can simply summarize your argument. As stated on the Syllabus, essays must be 2-3 (double-spaced, 12 font max) pages in length. Chapter IV Essay Topic: Is Confucianism a religion or an ethic? Note: Since I do not want you to use outside sources, your answer will depend on your own definition/understanding of religion.

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