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This assignment will assess competencies 1. Examine the motivations, drives, and outcomes of serial killers.

Directions: Throughout our course we related our concepts to the Manson case. For our final assignment, you’ll get to pick your own area of interest to write on.

In a PowerPoint presentation, address the questions below. This presentation should contain at least 11 slides (you may use more if you need to.

  1. Slide 1: Select any serial killer of your choice. Include their name, the years they were active and a photo on your first slide.
  2. Slide: 2: Summarize their Crime.
  3. Slide 3: Define “Serial Killer”. Describe how your selection fits the definition.
  4. Slide 4: Include the factors that may have predisposed this individual to become a serial killer.
  5. Slide 5: Describe their motivation for killing.
  6. Slide 6: Describe their victim demographic.
  7. Slide 7: Describe how they were caught.
  8. Slide 8: Describe the outcome of their trail.
  9. Slide 9: Discuss any social implications (did their crimes insight area panic, did they become a cultural icon etc.).
  10. Slide 10: Apply Theory.
  11. Slide 11: What do you see as the future for serial killers? Will this be a continuing trend or will science bring investigators a step ahead of them?


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