Your phonemic inventories publish.

LING15oA1 “ Fall 2014 Field Notebook 2 Page 1 of 4 Important Resources: 1. Your phonemic inventories publish. 2. Your assigned readings from Bischoff and Fountain. 3. The ˜Consonant Inventories’ article in the World Atlas of Language Structures Online ( 1) 4. Your ˜Illustrations of the IPA’ article 5. The Referencing and Citation Guide from D2L. 6. The PDF Conversion Guide in D2L. 7. Any good Interactive IPA Chart (a link to one good one is given in D2L) 8. A good IPA Font Picker (a link to a useful one is given in D2L) Grading Criteria for this assignment: This assignment is worth a total of 50 points, broken down as follows: 0 Technical Competencies (30%) o Phonetic Transcription (15%) o Referencing and Citation (15%) Required Content (50%) o Mastery of relevant course concepts (25%) 0 Development of required elements (25%) Formatting and Presentation (20%) 0 Writing mechanics and proofreading (10%) 0 Document formatting and presentation (10%) In addition to this, there are a number of required grade deductions that will be taken if you make any of the following errors in your submission. Required Grade Deductions: Your assignment will be awarded a score of 0/50 if: it is NOT submitted in .pdf format. it does NOT include a reference page containing the required reference citations. 0 problems in referencing and citation that rise to the level of Academic Integrity violations will be handled according to our policies on that topic; typical violations of Academic Integrity result in a failing grade in our course. it does any of the following: 0 describes a field language that is not functionally equivalent with any other naturally occurring human language. 0 describes a field community that is inferior or superior to any other human community. 0 demeans, degrades or demonstrates disrespect for any human languages or communities you discuss in your work (including your imaginary ones). You will lose one letter grade (5 points) from your rubric-generated score if: 0 Your assignment is not double-spaced.

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