Quality And Cost


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Quality assessment is being adapted as a method for buyers, patients, and providers to evaluate healthcare expenditure. To this end, substantial advancements have been made towards the science of quality assessment over the past years. However, several challenges continue to be addressed so that quality assessment can achieve its ability as a counterforce to the demands of cost containment. Some of the obstacles encountered during the quality assessment include; Detecting and balancing the rival standpoints of the key participant in the healthcare system and coming up with a culpability framework. Also launching the finest criteria by which the performance of the healthcare will be compared to, picking routine reporting indicators, conflicts between financial and non-financial motivations and quality care goals, and developing information systems required for quality monitoring.

Several methods have been used to measure health care quality. These include; assessing the appropriateness of an intervention which indicates the effectiveness of the intervention, examining the level at which care given parallels health guidelines and standards and practice profiling which relates the patterns of cost. Also, there are quality processes among providers by already established standards, and Process assessment in which interpersonal health care quality can be evaluated by consumer ratings which consist of both received care and its satisfaction (MClellan, 2013).

Baldrige Excellence Framework for Health Care helps organizations in assessing their management performance. This framework acknowledges goals such as customer satisfaction and employees involvement. Through customer satisfaction, quality can be achieved without increasing cost. This is possible in the following ways; reducing quality issues that arise due to consumer dissatisfaction, reducing cost without compromising service quality and rising customer expectations by providing services which they view as being of high value (Nolan & Bisognano 2006)


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Nolan, T., & Bisognano, M. (2006). Finding the balance between quality and cost: what’s the answer to improving the value of health care? One group believes hospitals could take a lesson from Japanese quality expert Noriaki Kano. Healthcare Financial Management60(4), 66-73.


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